17 Aug

After a hard day’s work, the thought of plopping into a tub of water and relaxing sounds inviting. To take the fantasy a bit farther, a weekend or week-long trip to a spa would be the icing on the vacation cake.

How about your own personal place for some calming, healthy hydrotherapy? Matthew Hertzog and his network at Stoney Creek Contracting can help you realize that dream. But first, it helps to know the differences among spas, hot tubs, and a Jacuzzi®.

Perhaps when we think of a spa, we think of a place to go where you are massaged, covered in mud and cucumbers, listening to soothing music while sipping from a glass with a little umbrella in it. In its most basic sense, a spa is considered a hot tub with jet nozzles that mix air and water for a soothing massage effect. A spa can be installed indoors or out, sunken or raised.

A hot tub, as its name implies, is a tub or small pool filled with hot water. The water may be aerated and have jets or bubblers for massage purposes. It is more basic than the spa mentioned above.

A Jacuzzi® is a portable spa made by the Jacuzzi Group. It is the manufacturer’s name, not the generic name for a spa. Spas and hot tubs can be made by other manufacturers, and are not technically “Jacuzzis.”

There are other similar products that are used in hydrotherapy. A jetted tub is a bathtub that has jets positioned around the tub that shoot water and air. They may even include a heater to keep the water hot. Jetted tubs (sometimes called “whirlpool baths”) are emptied after each use, unlike spas and hot tubs.

Therapy tubs are usually seen in locker rooms and sports medicine and other therapy venues. These stainless steel tubs are used with hot water to loosen up muscles and cold water to prevent inflammation from injuries. They may have circulation pumps and heaters.

Once you’ve chosen the type of “spa” you want, Matthew Hertzog and Stoney Creek Contracting can handle the installation, as well as any other modifications and renovations you may need.

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